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While you may be in a rush to use your preferred payment gateway and processor However, accepting crypto payments cryptocurrency transactions don't require to be used. To accept payments that are in the same currency, you can utilize a cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets can be used as mobile apps or browser extensions. If you want maximum security Cold storage hardware wallets are also available. However, these can be a hassle for crypto payment gateways gateway large transactions. It's a great method for you to accept payments and keep the track of your funds.


If you are a business that wants to accept cryptocurrency-based payments, PaySpacelv is an excellent choice. Their extensive array of payment options allow businesses of all sizes to accept payments of any size, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. While bitcoin has the primary advantage of not charging back, businesses must to accept other payment methods such as credit cards. PaySpacelv is a company that focuses on high-risk companies.

Bitpay allows international reach for merchants and protects them from the kind of fraud bitcoin can draw. You can create an appropriate payment button on the website for users to use to make payments. Bitpay also offers hosted payment pages for traditional payment methods such as ACH, FPS, or other payment channels. Bitpay is a financial technology company located in the USA that utilizes blockchain payment technology. They are a trusted supplier of cryptocurrency payments, and they have advanced analytics to detect fraudulent transactions.

PaySpacelv offers merchant services in English, Japanese and Chinese, in addition to cryptocurrency payment processing. The charges they charge are based on a variety of factors like the location of the user and the nature of the service. Their secure and smooth operation is essential to a lot of users. The fees for PaySpacelv start at 1.2% and vary depending on the type of payment you make and where it is located. PaySpacelv's customers also appreciate the fraud prevention system and their ability to deal with many currencies.


CoinsBank is a cryptocurrency payment processor that combines traditional banking services with Blockchain technology. CoinsBank is introducing corporate solutions to its platform, which include payment cards and salary payments even though it's in its initial stages. CoinsBank also plans to offer live customer service for its clients. CoinsBank is a cryptocurrency bank deposit box which offers two keys that help you protect your crypto assets. They can monitor their transactions, check the activity logs and download their statements.

The company offers a variety of options for corporate services, such as an account with no cost or 24/7 transfer of currency. The system is extremely secure and it supports the majority of fiat and crypto currencies. In addition, CoinsBank has a mobile app that allows users to manage their cards, check transactions, and perform currency conversions. For more information on CoinsBank customers can contact customer support seven days a semaine all year round.

CoinsBank, Wirex and Litecoin are among the most favored cryptocurrency on the market. The payment processor was able accept 77% of all bitcoin transactions on-chain. CoinsPaid offers more than 30 crypto currencies , as well as more than 20 fiat currencies. Certain of these currencies are able to be withdrawn to the bank account of a customer. The company has plans to hold an Blockchain conference in May 2017 aboard the cruise ship.

AlfaCoins is among the top Bitcoin payment processors. You can split your payment between fiat and cryptocurrency which allows you to profit from the rise in bitcoin prices without risking all your earnings. AlfaCoins provides 24 hour customer service and crypto payment processor a crypto rate system. This allows merchants to earn money from the market for digital gold without risking their entire investment. AlfaCoins accepts more than 50 different cryptocurrency.


CoinsPaid is one of the most well-known providers of cryptocurrency-related services, is a great place to start. It offers a complete ecosystem that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrency as well as instant funds transfers. CoinsPaid provides a zero transaction fee within its ecosystem, as well as an instant exchange, and diverse access levels for customers. Its goal is to develop an infrastructure for financial transactions that allows the crypto industry to accept payments with security.

With its years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, CoinsPaid is an excellent option for businesses on the internet that want to accept crypto payments. It allows businesses to design their payment workflows in a safe and efficient way. It also offers a wide variety of tools and analytics. CoinsPaid helps businesses accept Bitcoin and integrate cryptocurrency payment methods into their existing systems. To accomplish this, it consolidates the services of a variety of cryptocurrency payment processors.

Apart from being a crypto-payment processor, CoinsPaid also offers low commissions. The charges for cryptocurrency transactions range between 0.8% to 1.5%, while those for bank withdrawals are EUR 0.5. Additionally, it offers cold storage to store accumulated merchant revenue as well as a compliance section that includes a mlro representative. In addition to being a trusted cryptocurrency payment processor, CoinsPaid also provides merchants with a wide range of tools and services to help them become successful in the marketplace.

CoinsPaid is well-known but it isn't just a crypto payment processor. It is also building an ecosystem. It provides a DeFi service along with commercial wallets as well as an OTC exchange. The CPD token is the central part of its ecosystem, which includes several other DeFi instruments for businesses. With its integrated ecosystem, CoinsPaid intends to disrupt the payments market in Latin America and beyond.


If you're running an online store, blog, or simply selling a few cryptocurrencies, you can accept digital payment through Coinbase Commerce. To facilitate accepting cryptocurrency-based payment Coinbase Commerce utilizes blockchain technology. Coinbase Commerce integrates with popular eCommerce platforms and provides hosted checkout pages and payment buttons. It also integrates with PayPal and other popular payment processors, offering merchants the functionality of a traditional payment processor, without the added risk.

Coinbase Commerce offers two plans for businesses that accept cryptocurrency payments. The Managed plans offered by Coinbase Commerce allow users to accept a variety of currencies and payment cards. Coinbase Commerce's Self Managed accounts let users to accept a variety of currencies and payment methods as well as Coinbase Commerce's Managed plan gives merchants access to their private keys. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts recommend that private keys be kept to allow them to manage their assets. Self-managed accounts are simple to set up and only require an email address. Once you've set it up, you can begin accepting cryptocurrency payments.

If you're looking for an alternative to a payment processor that accepts cryptocurrency, Coinbase is an excellent choice. The company provides support for more than 40 cryptocurrency through an easy-to-use program. The fees charged by Coinbase are less than traditional banking services. Merchants can also integrate their payment processing platform using the API offered by Coinbase. This makes Crypto processing a viable option for businesses that operate online. The best part? It only costs 1percent of a transaction fee.

The company also provides direct credit balances in a variety of fiat currencies. It allows direct bank deposit in 38 countries and bitcoin settlements across 240 countries. As cryptocurrency has come onto the radar of regulatory agencies worldwide, the number of businesses accepting crypto payments it is growing. For the moment, Japan and the U.S. have legalized it. China has strengthened its laws regarding cryptocurrency.


Plisio is an excellent option if you are interested in integrating cryptocurrency payment gateway payments on your website. Plisio is simple to set up and allows to make up to 1000 transactions. This allows you to receive payments from large amounts of customers, without having to pay additional fees. As a bonus you can even link your business accounts to the cryptocurrency payment processor.

For your security and privacy Plisio's payment system is encrypted through the HTTPS protocol, and all digital assets are kept in cold storage. It doesn't require users to undergo KYC therefore the odds of losing your data are low. Plisio's tools for managing your account and reporting tools allow you to keep your account private and secure.

Plisio's Sryptocurrency payment gateway plugin allows you to accept altcoins. They are kept in a secure vault. Your customers can store and use altcoins securely without additional risks. Plisio, which has over 500 000 vendors around the world, is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency payment processing platforms. Why wait? You can now take advantage of the latest technology and use the cryptocurrency-based payment processor!

NOWPayments is a website-based, custodial-free, and simple-to-implement POS system that allows you to accept cryptocurrency online. It can be implemented in any location such as a brick-and-mortar shop or an e-commerce site. It's a great option because of its low fees and secure infrastructure. Since it's a non-custodial service, you can be sure of speedy payouts.


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